CCC Co-Sponsorship Guidelines and Process

The Cornell Concert Commission has established the following guidelines for copromotions. Please read them carefully and return the attached form to the CCC office. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions by phone at 255-7231, e-mail at concert@cornell.edu or stop by our office in 518D Willard Straight Hall.


The following conditions must be met for the Concert Commission to co-sponsor an event:

a) Organization Requirements – The organization requesting funding from the CCC must be registered with Cornell University’s Student Activity Office.

b) Nature of the Event – The event must be not-for-profit, focused on a musical performance, and geared towards Cornell University Students. Tickets/Entrance must be available to all Cornell students, unless capacity for the venue has been reached. Unless exempted by the Executive Board, the event must take place on the Cornell campus and may not involve alcohol in any capacity. The CCC shall not provide funding for official, registered Cornell student musical groups.

c) Budgets/Funding – The CCC requires access to a full, detailed, specific budget of the event. Unless the Executive Board votes otherwise, the CCC’s funding will not exceed $500.

d) Event Promotion – The event under consideration must be promoted throughout the entire Cornell campus and to the entire Cornell community. All promotional and event-oriented material (programs, flyers, posters, etc.) must include “Funded in part by the Cornell Concert Commission.”


The following is the process through which the CCC will consider copromotions. Please allow ample time for this process.

a) Groups must submit necessary materials at least 3 weeks before the proposed event to be considered for funding.

b) Necessary materials to be included (along with other questions) on the form:

c) A representative from the group wishing to co-sponsor the event must be available to present the details of the event, including the budget and promotional plan at the Executive Board meeting on the Monday following submission. Executive Board meetings are held every Monday at 5 p.m., in the Willard Straight Hall Music Room. The Executive Board will vote to allow the presenter to present to the General Body. The presenting group will be contacted immediately with the board’s decision.

d) If approved by the Executive Board, the presenter must then come to the Concert Commission General Body meeting to present the event, budget and promotional plan to the Concert Commission for the final decision. (Note: The presenter who presents to the Executive Board should be present to present to the General Body as well.) General Body meetings are held Thursdays at 5 p.m. in McGraw 165. The group will be contacted following the vote with the General Body decision.

e) Within the three weeks after the event, the group must submit a detailed finalized budget to the Concert Commission for review and archives.

Additional Information

a) Any Substantial Change In The Event Must Be Reported To The Executive Board As Soon As Possible.

b) The Cornell Concert Commission reserves the right to:

c) The funding by the CCC will be made in the form of an account transfer after the performance

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