Co-Sponsorship for Your Event

CCC is always open to assist funding to outside organizations for the production of musical events. Working alongside organizations such as SPICMACAY, Haven, JAM, and ASHA Cornell, CCC has been able to fund and help produce acts ranging from Bulgarian and Indian folk music to LGBTQ raves. If you are interested in having CCC co-sponsor your organization, fill out this application:

Contact Information:

*Name of Registered Campus Organization:
*Your Name:

Event information:

*Name of Proposed Event:
*Expected Attendance:
*Amount Requested:

Purpose of the event:

Description of event: (Please provide details about the musical aspects of the event)

Why should CCC co-promote this event?

How will this event attempt to encompass the entire Cornell Community?

Has CCC ever co-sponsored an event with your group? If yes, when and how much?

Explain your complete, detailed budget for the proposed event outlining all debits and credits. This budget should include all possible sources of income, whether incurred or still in question, and should be as thorough as possible.

Provide an outline of the group’s promotional plan. This outline should describe what the group plans to do to ensure that the event reaches the many corners of Cornell’s campus. Sample promotional items should be emailed to concert@cornell.edu if available.

Provide any available finalized budgets for similar events produced by the group in the past.

By submitting this form, you are agreeing that you read and understand the stated guidelines and information.